Mission Statement

Wavelip exists to help you manage your practice and data. We want you to be able to organize and find anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our Story

Like in most practices, it all starts with a best attempt at a filing system with folders named after clients, files with name conventions and e-mail drafts from person to person, when the folder tree structure proved to be too combersome after a cetain number of folders. We considered the existing Document Management Solutions, but their document classification proved to be complex, expensive, and difficult to learn. We knew we couldn't afford to keep trying the same old thing. We needed a collaborative workflow solution, accessible anywhere, which would allow us to use our own mobile devices. Solution that could handle all kinds of files and e-mails without the need to install plugins. Most importantly, a solution whereby we could avoid the cost of infrastructure and a whole IT department. We created AllOrg to solve our challenges with safety, reliability, and redundancy to store our digital content.